Health and Dietary Services

Health/Dietary Services

The members of the Breathairean Ensemble are the most progressive and effective dietitians on the scene today. Brother Air has over 25 years of experience practicing the Mucusless Diet Healing System and is one of the most successful and dynamic mucusless educators since Professor Arnold Ehret himself. Decades of daily enemas, transitionary menus, and extended juice fasts give Brother Air a perspective and an understanding of the Mucusless Diet unlike anyone else.

Professor Spira, a student of Brother Air’s, has diligently practiced and studied the Mucusless Diet for over five years. In a relatively short amount of time, Spira has achieved a great amount of success. Within the first six months of practicing the diet he quit eating dead animal flesh and lost over 100 pounds. Within the first year he cured his many ailments, including chronic migraines, allergies, arthritis, yearly bouts of bronchitis, and sleep apnea. After having had the benefit of witnessing Brother Air’s mucusless lifestyle and extended fasts, Spira achieved a number of long mucusless periods as well as extended juice fasts.

A variety of consultation options are available including email, phone, group lecture, one/two/three-on-one, live-ins, Breathair Club, etc. The Breathairean Ensemble is egalitarian in nature and is prepared to discuss creative forms of payment (the under-used bartering system) in addition to the convention forms. If you are interested please email us and request information about the health consultation programs. Don’t delay! If a part of you is saying “contact them” then you should. Your body just wants to heal itself, and it knows that we may be able to help.


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