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Professor Spira

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Professor Spira hails from Springdale, Ohio. He began playing the trombone at the age of 11 and attended Princeton High School where he received the Louis Armstrong Award and earned the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree in jazz trombone performance (cum laude) from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, and is the first African-American trombonist in the conservatory’s history to earn a Master of Music degree in jazz studies (summa cum laude). He is currently an adjunct faculty member at Northern Kentucky University where he teaches “Survey of African-American Music” and “Music of World Cultures.” Spira is also a private music instructor, jazz clinician, and lecturer of African-American History and the Mucusless Diet Healing System. As an educator Spira strives to mentor and motivate his students to reach their full potential academically, musically, and personally.

Early in Spira’s college career he began to frequent the local jazz clubs and bars to “sit-in” and obtain bandstand experience. This is when he first met Brother Air who, at the time, was traveling to jazz venues and “sitting-in” with his legendary hand-drum rig. In the summer of 2002 Brother Air would have a conversation with Professor Spira and his good friend Daktehu that would forever change the course of their lives. The dialog took place at a jazz club named Chez Nora in Newport, Kentucky during the set brake. Spira and Daktehu were munching on the free Barbeque when Brother Air started to talk about Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet Healing System. Spira was very impressed with Air’s claims of eating nothing but fruit for an entire year and ultimately was inspired to read the Mucusless Diet Healing System book. Spira, who at the time was a 280 pound ex-high school football player, was rather ill. He took numerous prescription medications, suffered from chronic allergies, chronic migraine headaches, frequent bouts of bronchitis, arthritis,
and sleep-apnea for which he slept with a respirator at night.

One day, in September of 2002, Spira was in a college practice room with his trombone in hand looking into a mirror. He explains that a feeling of disgust came over him that he had not ever felt before, and for the first time he could not believe what he had done to himself. He then vowed to dedicate his life to physiological liberation, and he immediately started transitioning away from pus and mucus forming foods. By the spring of 2003 Spira had lost 100 pounds and went from a size 40 to a size 34 waist. He cured all of his illnesses and was able to quit taking his medications and using the respirator.

In November of 2003 Spira and Brother Air met with jazz great and Ehretist Charles Lloyd to discuss the Mucusless Diet. During this conversation Lloyd insisted that they send him some music. This pivotal meeting would inspire Air’s first 8 ½ juice fast as well as the formation of the Breathairean Ensemble. After witnessing Brother Air’s fast in 2004, Spira explains that he was physiologically inspired to complete his first six month juice fast in July of 2005, and his second in July of 2006. Though he did not set out to achieve these lengthy fasts so early in his transition, he asserts that the opportunity presented itself and he would have been a fool not to take it. Spira believes that it was the logical conclusion of his submission to the Mucusless Diet Healing System that allowed him to pursue his physiological potential.

Spira says that the Breathairean Ensemble is a lifesaver, literally. He explains that “it has given me the supportive and creative musical environment that I need to comfortably pursue my human potential physiologically and spiritually.”

“Peace, Love, and Breath.”
–Professor Spira


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