Brother Air

Brother Air
Traps, Hand-drum rig, Percussion, etc. 

Meet the man that does not eat. No seriously, since 2002 he has eaten for only 11 months while abstaining from solid food for over 49 months. Brother Air’s life revolves around the practice of the Mucusless Diet Healing System and he believes that there is nothing more important than the preservation and regeneration of his bloodstream. During his career Air has traveled across the globe sharing countless musical experiences with the Universe and its many musicians, but today you will never see him perform in a bar. Frustrated with filthy bars and uncreative musicians, Air decided to take his art to the streets where he developed his legendary Hand-drum Rig and famous V=P-O rhythm.

Brother Air was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH where he began playing the drums at the age of four. During his teens, Air was profoundly inspired by the civil rights activist and vegetarian Dick Gregory. He then developed a serious attitude about health and began to study the human body and its diet. In the early 1980’s, Air came into contact with a group of Cincinnatians that practiced Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet Healing System. He then became an Ehretist and committed his life to achieving physiological liberation through practicing the Mucusless Diet Healing System.

Since the 80’s Air has contributed a great deal to the practice of the Mucusless Diet Healing System. In 1995, after 15 years of doing daily distilled water enemas, he began to administer lemon enemas multiple times a day. This remarkable action would set a new standard for all serious Mucusless Diet practitioners to follow. Then, in 2001, Air consumed nothing but fruit for an entire year followed by a succession of three 100 day fasts. In November of 2003, after a very inspirational meeting with jazz saxophonist and Ehretist Charles Lloyd, Air successfully embarked on his first 8 ½ month juice fast and completed a solo percussion album, entitled Brother Air, to celebrate his success at the finale. He would then complete a 7 ½ month fast followed by a 9 ½ month fast, only eating for a few months in between. Air, who is a community activist and family man, has inspired a countless number of people to consider plant-based lifestyles by shattering the many erroneous myths regarding how the human body operates.

Today Brother Air can be seen across the country buskering and sharing his passion for the Mucusless Diet with his son, Baby Babaji. Air’s family was formed around the Mucusless Diet and is the blueprint for all families pursuing physiological liberation. Air’s ultimate goal is to open a sanitarium to teach fasting, mucusless diet, and the importance of the lemon enema/colonic.

If you don’t know how your body operates, you can be told anything.

-Brother Air



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