Baby Babaji

Baby Babaji

Percussion, Toys, etc.

Meet the ‘oldest’ member of the Breathairean Ensemble, Baby Babaji! Reborn to this plane of existence in 1994 through Brother Air, Baby Babaji is the spiritual embodiment of the Mucusless Diet Healing System and minster of the future. He was born into the Mucusless Diet and, as a result, has never touched the filthy processed foods and dead animal products of civilization. He does lemon enemas everyday and often performs days of dry fasting.

Baby Babaji has been a musician his entire life and spends most of his time around other musicians and artists. When he is not playing with the Breathairean Ensemble you may catch him buskering with his father on the streets of America. Babaji is also a very visible community activist. In 2001 he played an important role in the protest and boycott movement following the backlash that occurred in response to the increasing police brutality in Cincinnati.

Needless to say Baby Babaji leads a very busy and progressive life. He practices music for many hours everyday and lives the Mucusless Diet Healing System 24.7.

Just don’t book any gigs during his Yu-Gi-Oh game meetings!